10 Best things to do in Antibes

Nestled beautifully on the French Riviera, this old coastal town with its own marina and fine beaches i just 30 minutes by car from Nice International Airport. Antibes with its old town center is a place that has attracted visitors for many years, there are a lot of nice things to experience, so here’s a list of the 10 best things to do in Antibes.

Antibes has approximately 70,000 permanent residents, but during the summer months the population increases significantly as the influx of both tourists and foreigners who have lived in and around the city make their way in. In winter, some restaurants are therefore closed completely, some days a week or even close earlier than during the summer.

The 10 Best things to do in Antibes

#1 Nice atmosphere on Place Nationale

Place Nationale, surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. A gathering place all year round, despite the fact that a couple of larger restaurants have closed during the winter. Address: Place Nationale, 06600 Antibes, France

#2 Genuine Italian and Mediterranean restaurant

Nacional Trattoria, Italian and French cuisine in a friendly setting. Address: 61 Place Nationale, 06600 Antibes, France

#3 Wonderful cup of coffee

Café Marius, a hole in the wall for excellent coffee. Address: 14 Place Nationale, 06600 Antibes, France

#4 The Picasso Museum

The Picasso museum is located in the old town on the coast side, offering a nice stroll here and away. Do not miss this institution dedicated to the life and works of the renowned Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, who spent many years on Cote d’Azur. Address: Place Mariejol, 06600 Antibes, France

#5 City beach

Plage de la Gravette, the city beach by the city wall and near the Port Vauban marina.

#6 The Fort Carré

Fort Carré, the old fort on a hill next to the marina, has a long interesting history, being a onstruction from the 16th century. The fortress also offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Address: Avenue du 11 Novembre, 06600 Antibes, France

#7 The seaside statue

Le Nomade, the statue at the far end of the pier at Port Vauban. Lovely promenade all the way out to the statue, which overlooks the sea towards Nice.

#8 Seasonal Markets

Head to the square on the Esplanade du Pré des Pêcheurs by the port where the Ferris wheel is located suring Winter/Christmas and summer months for local market. Address: 22 Av. de Verdun, 06600 Antibes, France

#9 Stroll through Old Town

The old town, vieille ville, with its narrow cobblestone streetslined with charming shops, boutiques, cafes, and art galleries offers lots for visitors of different likings.

#10 Marche Provençal

The local market hall in old town is suitable during the morning hours to experience local flavors. In the summer evenings some restaurants and bars serve guests here.

Besides these 10 best things to do in Antibes, have a further look here on BestofAntibes.com for more tips.